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New Feature Coming to
Car-Part Exchange Next Week

Next week, Car-Part Exchange will be automatically updated to begin including more information. The pricing information you see for Car-Part Exchange parts will now include both the price displayed on Trading Partners (Wholesale) and the price displayed on (Retail).
If you aren't already familiar with it, Car-Part Exchange provides Checkmate users with a quick way of locating parts from other recyclers. Car-Part Exchange gives you access to the inventories of other recyclers from within your own Checkmate system, making it easy to find and sell those parts.
Within Checkmate Sales Pro, parts from your Exchange Partners appear in your part search results and are marked as Exchange$:
The Exchange parts display price information. In the past, Wholesale and Retail price fields displayed the same price. This price matched the price displayed on Trading Partners (our recycler-to-recycler parts locating system).
Next week's enhancement will bring even more information to your fingertips. With next week's update, the Wholesale and Retail prices displayed for Exchange parts in Checkmate Sales Pro will be different.
  • Wholesale: Will match the price displayed to recyclers on Trading Partners
  •  Retail: Will match the price displayed to customers on
We're very excited to bring this additional information to your Checkmate system, and we hope you will find this valuable.
Next week, when this update is active for all Car-Part Exchange customers, we'll send another email to let you know that the feature is live (and we'll also include a video to help you unlock this additional information, if you don't see it right away).
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